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I’ve been asked by my esteemed alma mater, Willamette University, to speak at an event tonight titled “Careerapalooza.” It’s an opportunity for current students to hear from alumni who have spread out and are successful in a variety of fields ranging from health care to art to (yes) startups. I’m nervous and excited because I’ve been asked to speak as the token entrepreneur – the first time I’ve officially gone out there in this capacity. But, you know, I think this is making my new-ish title of “founder/CEO” that much more real to me, and also making me realize, “this is it, I’m really, truly an entrepreneur.” The recognition by others as such confirms it all to me.

I’ve found that being a sole founder, one who has boot-strapped her way to launch and to success, is like living in a vacuum. You move forward on your own plan, your own timetable and with your own checklist of things to accomplish, without much feedback from the outside world. When I stop to take a breath tonight and to articulate to Willamette students the path I took to get where I am with WedBrilliant, and suggest advice for anyone interested in striking out on their own and turning that idea into reality, that’s when it’s going to hit me how I’ve truly made my own dreams come true. And fittingly, that’s one terrific definition of “entrepreneur.”