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But not for me, sillies. It wasn’t long ago that my sporadic musings on my blog were fueled by a guilt-ridden determination to sit down a write. It was hard to make time to do so, though. That’s because when I’m not running my public relations consultancy, I’m raising two young boys, and also apparently decided that wasn’t enough, so launched my first startup, WedBrilliant, in the spring of this year. But, it occurred to me that if I’m spending all my time on those things, why not merge them together here on my blog. So, it’s a facelift for my blog, see?

bannerI’m really excited about this new direction and focus for me here. I am so passionate about being a mom, and working hard for my PR clients, and growing WedBrilliant into a fantastically successful business – basically trying to “do it all” on a daily basis.

I’d love to engage with other startup founders/CEOs who do double or triple duty, like me. That’s what inspires me and keeps me pushing forward. At the end of the day, I’m fueled by the saying that “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” I would have far more regrets and wondering “what if” the rest of my life if I hadn’t gone out and made my dreams come true for myself. And I think that quality of mine is what I have in common with other creative startup founders, and it’s a quality my husband and I are working hard to develop in our sons!

Until next time..